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五月 2017

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Sarine Light™ Tutorial: How to Clean Reference Stones for the Verification Procedure

By Guy Ben-Ari, Product Manager @ Sarine

A diamond’s light performance is determined by the way it uniquely and specifically interacts with light. This is a result of a number of different factors, primarily the diamond’s cut, inclusions and flaws. Sarine Light™ is an advanced solution for the measurement and grading of a diamond’s light performance. If you want a deeper scientific understanding of the way light performance works, and the fascinating R&D process undertaken by Sarine to create the Sarine Light technology, you can download our free whitepaper.

In this post, we are going to focus on a common issue that arises during use of the Sarine Light device.

The Importance of Calibration for Sarine Light™

The Sarine Light works by scanning the polished diamond and evaluating its light performance via advanced algorithms and optical mechanics. In order for the Sarine Light to operate correctly, the device must be calibrated. Moreover, the calibration must be verified regularly to ensure ongoing proper use and accuracy of the results.

Each Sarine Light device comes with a set of reference stones (zircons) that are used as a reference during the verification procedure. Before starting to work with Sarine Light, the operator scans the reference stones to verify that the device is calibrated to deliver accurate results.

Optimizing the Verification Procedure

In order for the verification procedure to work, the reference stones must be clean and free of scratches or other damage. Cleaning the reference stones is a critical part of the verification procedure. If the reference stones are not correctly cleaned and maintained, the Sarine Light system will not operate at the optimal level.

The good news is that the cleaning process for the reference stones is fast, simple and basic. It takes just a few minutes, and doesn’t require any special or sophisticated equipment. All you’ll need is rice paper, and acetone or alcohol. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Video: How to Clean Reference Stones

Want to find out more about Sarine Light™ light performance?

Click here to view the product specifications.

To download the Sarine Light™ user manual, visit the Sarine Support page, and select the Light Performance category.

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