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十月 2017

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Sarine profile for consumers – explore your diamond story

How To Read Your Sarine Profile™ Report

It was recently reported that the Sarine Profile™ diamond story technology will soon also offer automated diamond clarity and color grading, as well as diamond authentication of natural vs. synthetic diamonds. This makes it a truly comprehensive diamond report. But, did you know that the Sarine Profile™ report actually began as a digital diamond display platform that contains a wealth of added diamond information you won’t necessarily find in traditional reports? These include Light Performance, Diamond Imaging, Hearts & Arrows, and more, that evaluate every aspect of the diamond, inspiring consumer confidence and boosting your diamond sales.

Here’s a user’s guide to understanding the Sarine Profile™ report:

Light Performance

What is light performance? Light performance is a grading of the way light reflects throughout a diamond, based on measurement of four parameters: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Symmetry. These four characteristics determine the light performance grade:

Click on the links to see videos of the light performance parameters in action!

  • Brilliance: The powerful white light that emanates from the diamond.
  • Sparkle: Dazzling flashes of light that grab the eye as the diamond moves.
  • Fire: As the light bends through the diamond a rainbow of colors is revealed.
  • Symmetry: The light performance measures the distribution of light throughout the diamond determined by cuts and inclusions.

sarine profile report light performance

Diamond Imaging

Every angle of a diamond reveals a different aspect. Diamond imaging evaluates every detail with precise and authentic images. There are four components to diamond imaging in the Sarine Profile™ system:

  • Real View: This is the angle seen when the diamond is placed in a setting. The pictures show the beauty and sparkle of a diamond as it would appear when worn.
  • Top View: This is the angle of a diamond as it would be seen with a magnifying glass under a fluorescent light. This view offers precise detail of every diamond without lighting variations or manipulations.
  • Inscription View: The Inscription View offers a magnified look at the diamond ID engraved on the diamond surface, attesting to its authenticity.
  • 3-D View: A full 3-D in depth rotating view of the diamond. These pictures portray the facets, inclusions, and every detail of a diamond’s features.



Hearts & Arrows

Every round brilliant cut diamond holds a romantic pattern beneath the surface. When perfectly cut, the light within the diamond reveals the unmistakable pattern of hearts & arrows. The Sarine Profile™ uncovers this Hearts & Arrows pattern:

  • Hearts: The hearts pattern is seen in the diamond’s pavilion. The more precisely the diamond is cut is creates a more perfect hearts pattern.
  • Arrows: With a flawless diamond cut, a distinct pattern of arrows is visible from the table of a diamond.

Hearts & Arrows


The Sarine Profile™ leaves no aspect uncovered in the diamond grading process. The complete story of the unique beauty and character of every diamond is revealed. Unlock the secrets of your diamond’s story today with the Sarine Profile™.

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