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十一月 2017

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Light Performance Grading – Diamonds Beyond the 4Cs

Due to their unique structure, diamonds have a special relationship with light. Unlike other gemstones, a diamond’s appearance is an expression of the way it plays with light as it bends and moves within the diamond. This will be influenced by the diamond’s cut, craftsmanship, natural inclusions and flaws.This is what is known as light performance grading.

In order to truly know and appreciate a diamond’s beauty, it is vital to understand the way that light behaves when it interacts with the particular diamond. Beyond the 4Cs, light performance is emerging as a new and revolutionary international diamond grading standard.

Light Performance Grading: 4 Ways to Measure Light Beauty

The light performance concept is based on intensive R&D conducted by Sarine Technologies on more than 23,000 stones. The research resulted in the definition of four key parameters that measure a diamond’s light performance: Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle and Light Symmetry.

Brilliance is the intense white light that radiates from the stone. Created by the diamond’s cut, Brilliance determines how the light that enters the diamond is reflected back to the viewer.

Sparkle is the dramatic, luminous flashes of light that occur as a diamond moves. The diamond’s sparkle reflects the quality of the cut, a direct result of the skill and craftsmanship of the professional diamond cutter.

Fire is the vivid flares of rainbow color that can be seen as light bends within the diamond. Diamonds with intense fire are appreciated for their fascinating play of color and beauty at different angles.

Light Symmetry is the measure of light distribution within the diamond, based on the cut proportions and the position of natural inclusions. A well-cut diamond features optimal proportions for equal light distribution.

Based on a set of advanced algorithms, the Sarine Light™ device grades the diamond’s performance in each parameter, and then combines the data to provide an overall light performance grading result.

See the Light Performance Grade; See the True Diamond

Light performance grading adds an extra dimension to the traditional 4Cs approach. In fact, light performance is a revolution in diamond grading – for the first time, there is a standard that provides an objective, scientific grading of a diamond’s visual beauty. Retailers around the world are presenting light performance to customers to help explain the diamond’s unique beauty and enhance the sales process. This new approach feeds back along the diamond pipeline to the planning and polishing stage, providing another set of guidelines for the creation of diamonds that meet the needs of contemporary jewelry consumers.


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