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十一月 2017

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Diamond Imaging: The Best Way to Know Your Diamond

A couple enters a jewelry store, searching for the right engagement ring. It’s the third store they’ve visited today. They’ve looked at dozens of rings, and inspected numerous diamonds. Although each diamond seems beautiful in its own way, the couple is wary – the differences between diamonds is so fine, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for. The 4Cs are somewhat of a help, but even the most comprehensive 4Cs diamond certificate can’t explain minute differences in the appearance of birthmarks, or slight variations of the position of inclusions that affect the clarity grade.

How can they get a better view, in closer detail, so they can really get to know the diamond? How can they find out exactly what value they are getting for their investment? How do they know this is the perfect diamond to mark the start of their life-long commitment? With new imaging technology that optimizes the diamond viewing experience.

Diamond Imaging: See the Diamond the Way Gemologists Do

An advanced diamond imaging system, such as Sarine Loupe™, takes 360-degree scans of a diamond, and creates a shareable digital file that allows the user to see details of the stone as if holding it in their hand and viewing it through a loupe. The customer can rotate the virtual diamond, both horizontally and vertically, and view features such as inclusions, reflections, and workmanship, which are perceptible from any direction. A magnifier allows closer examination of minute details.

Sarine Loupe scanning technology, with digital diamond imaging display on an iPad
Sarine Loupe scanning technology, with digital diamond imaging display on an iPad

As if Holding the Diamond in Your Hand…

Diamond imaging systems should offer a range of inspection modes, which will give a comprehensive picture of the diamond in different settings, and in various resolutions. With Sarine Loupe™, 3D View is ideal for professional diamond buyers and lay customers alike, enabling manually controlled rotation and tilting, in-depth inspection of a stone’s girdle, its facets and its external birthmarks with 3D magnification at almost microscopic levels.

Real View provides a sense of how the diamond will look in real life and in real size from many angles, with a room lighting setting.

ID Inscription View shows an enlarged image of the diamond’s microscopic ID number, which corresponds to its gem lab report. Diamond imaging is an excellent way to reassure customers that the diamond is indeed the same as the one detailed in the lab report.

Click here to play with Sarine Loupe™ diamond imaging.


Diamond Images are Made for Sharing

As part of the Sarine Profile™ digital diamond report, the diamond imaging interface is easily embedded in any trade platform, email or file, using a simple link. Diamond images generated by Sarine Loupe™ can also be shared on social media, making it easy to share diamonds with potential buyers, or for customers to show their diamond to friends.


For the couple searching for an engagement ring, as for most retail consumers, the process of choosing a diamond is a highly personal experience, fraught with indecision, myriad choices, and limited understanding of a diamond’s physical properties or unique qualities.


For the tech-savvy, information-hungry, visually-oriented millennial generation, diamond imaging is the ideal tool to expose the diamond’s true beauty and character, utilizing reliable technology to provide a totally visual experience of the diamond – in magnified virtual display.




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