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四月 2016

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Light Performance and its Effect on a Diamond’s Beauty

What makes a diamond so priceless? Rarity, difficulty of sourcing, color? Sure, all of these things are key when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond, but one of the most important factors is the light performance the diamond exhibits. It is one of the first things a customer will notice, what catches their eye and draws them in, and it is one of the most important characteristics they will consider when they are buying a diamond. If a diamond doesn’t exhibit proper light performance, the light leaks out of the stone, instead of reflecting back, making the stone look dull and unattractive, rather than bright and sparkly.

Knowledge is Key

educationalOften customers will have read about what they should look for when purchasing a diamond. They know about Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation and Contrast, but only in a textbook fashion. They aren’t experts, and sight-wise, all they consider when they pick up the diamond is how sparkly it is in the light.

The truth is, most diamonds look good when under bright lights, but the greater percentage of those appear dull or average when viewed in “normal” conditions. The best diamond is one that continues to dance and sparkle no matter what setting it finds itself in.

Skill, Talent and Cultivation

Some of the credit for the light performance goes to the natural attributes of the stone itself, but the larger portion is due to the skill of the cutter, as well as the amount of effort given to producing the finished product that ends up on a store shelf., including the polish and shine. The number of facets cut into the diamond, as well as the skill and design in which they are cut all yield a light performance factor that affect the quality of the diamond.

Tools of the Trade

LayeredImage_no necklace_whiteThere are many tools experts use in order to attempt to understand the true beauty of the diamond. These include AGS ASET, an Ideal-Scope, or a Firescope. However, many times these tools are made for experts and are difficult for customers to use properly. Other tools, such as the Sarine Profile, include the light performance view and grade, without the need to actually handle the tools themselves.

The Breakdown

A customer is not as educated as the retailer about diamonds. They made read extensively online, but they will never have the knowledge a professional does, nor would you expect them to. They will often rely on your knowledge to fill in the gaps. However, their biggest inspiration will come from the product itself. The attraction and awe the customer will notice when viewing the light refraction emanating from the diamond will make the decision for them.

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