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五月 2016

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Diamond Imagery – Get the Real View

Quite often, in today’s technological age, a customer will enter your store already armed with information on diamonds, diamond cuts, statistics and more. They have done their research online, and have read almost everything there is to know about diamonds. The one thing their research can’t show them is also one of the most important factors of the diamond purchase: how the diamond’s natural beauty and appearance is experienced visually.

Today’s millennial customers may not be fully satisfied with simply seeing the diamond itself. They might want to experience a deeper, richer view of the diamond, and to embrace the full visual aspect of the diamond story.

Turn your customer into an expert

Experts look at diamonds through a loupe, which allows them to see all the diamond’s Real View 2components, inclusions, clarity and more. Loupes are difficult for non-experts to use, as they require a specific know-how to use properly. Based on the Sarine Loupe component, Diamond Imagery can make your customers feel like experts by providing them with an eagle eye view of your diamonds, not only those carried in your current retail inventory, but anywhere in the world.

The Diamond Imaging Real View allows customers to view the diamond virtually, as it would appear to the naked eye, in natural lighting. It provides all aspects of the diamond’s appearance such as sparkle, liveliness, tinge and inclusions. The Diamond Imaging Top View gives customers the image of the diamond as it would appear under fluorescent lighting, inside a store, looking down on it through a magnifying glass.

CoupleBeing able to share these aspects of the diamond with your customer not only appeals to their tech-savvy personalities, but helps to build their digital diamond story and provide them with a more accurate image of the diamond without the need for complicated technology that is difficult to use.

Not only does the Diamond Imagery make it easier for the customer, it makes it easier for the retailer as well. It is an added in-store sales tool that can be easily embedded into your normal website. It can help you build customer loyalty, by expanding and enhancing their diamond experience. By using their smartphone to scan the Sarine QR code of the diamond they are interested in, they can download the Diamond Imagery file, allowing them to take the technology with them and share your diamonds and brand with all their friends. The Diamond Imagery service also allows you to provide the customer with access to diamonds which are not currently in your in-store stock.

As part of the Sarine Diamond Report, which provides the complete digital story of the diamond, and provides the customer with all the information and imaging they need to make an educated and informed purchase, the Real and Top View diamond imaging components allow customers to view your merchandise as if they were in your store, wherever it’s convenient for them,



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