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五月 2016

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For the Love of a Diamond – Hearts & Arrows

Whether you’re a professional in the diamond industry, or simply a consumer who does even a small amount of homework before purchasing a diamond, you’ve likely heard of hearts and arrows. But what is the hearts and arrows pattern, how important is it to the overall quality of the diamond, and what does it really mean in the grand scheme of the diamond world?

Initially discovered by Japanese jewelers in the 1970s, the hearts and arrows pattern was first noticed when viewed through a Firescope, a device that uses colored reflectors in order to display a pattern that shows the direction and strength of the light that passes through a diamond. When cut properly, a diamond should allow light to pass through and refract, creating the shine and sparkle that is so coveted in the industry.



When a diamond is viewed from the crown side (top), the diamond should reveal eight symmetrical arrows, while, when viewed from the pavilion (bottom), eight symmetrical hearts should be seen. The stronger and more precise the cut of the diamond, the more precise the heart and arrows pattern that appears within, the larger and more diverse the portion of light that will pass through. When a round, brilliant diamond is cut with the most ideal optical symmetry, the more distinct that pattern appears and the more sparkle and brilliance the diamond will emit.

When it comes to finding diamonds with expert craftsmanship and quality, the hearts and arrows pattern is the most optimal way of verifying both the expert’s and the diamond’s credentials. In fact, the hearts and arrows pattern has become so popular throughout the world that many diamond manufacturers attempt to cut to a specification that will create this pattern and result.


Part of the difficulty however, in appealing to the popularity of the hearts and arrows movement is that it necessitates the ability to view the pattern, in order to verify the symmetry, which was previously only possible through expert equipment. This required retail jewelers to convince customers that the diamond was the expertly cut stone its credential claimed it to be, without providing any visible proof.


h&aThe Sarine Profile, a link that can be installed directly onto retailers websites, is a simple way to provide customers with the verification they need.

Using Sarine’s DiaMension HD, customers can view images of the hearts and arrows pattern of any diamond they are interested in, as if they were looking through expert viewing equipment, such as a loupe or firescope.


The Sarine rendition is a highly accurate image of the precise measurement of a diamond’s cut and craftsmanship and can be used, along with the rest of the Sarine Profile options, to help build customer loyalty, expand inventory, and propel business. The Sarine Profile is an innovative and technical solution to a technically inclined generation of shoppers.


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