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六月 2016

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Customer Journey – Exploring the New Way to Buy Diamonds

The customer journey is a concept in marketing that can help diamond jewelry retailers to shine. In a 4-part series featured in the JCK Online Content Studio, our VP Biz Dev Tzafrir Engelhard takes a closer look at different aspects of the customer journey, exploring and explaining how it can be adapted for the diamond retail market.

Part 1 is a brief analysis of the customer journey concept, and how it applies to the diamond industry. In Part 2, we explore the way the customer journey can be customized to create a unique customer experience for a specific brand.

Part 3 takes a glimpse of the customer journey from the vantage point of the customer. And in Part 4, we look at the ways that digitizing the customer journey brings it to life.

What does your customer journey look like? How can digital diamond technologies help your customer journey stand out? Read our Customer Journey series to find out.

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