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六月 2016

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Antique Diamonds – Beauty That Only Gets Better with Age

Growing interest in antique diamond jewelry proves that diamonds really are forever. Just like fine wine and art, jewelry gets better with age. The diamonds featured in classic jewelry pieces possess a charm different than today’s machine cut diamonds. Modern laser cutting techniques achieve higher levels of precision. In contrast, antique diamonds are slightly irregular. Cut by hand, they are truly  ‘one of a kind’.

Are Older Diamonds More Unique?

Is technology really the solution for the diamond industry? Some diamond professionals are wary. They fear a loss of the “magic” of diamond cutting. Steeped in labor and skill, traditional diamond cutting  has transformed. Today it has become a quest for ever higher levels of perfection. While older stones are less “perfect”, they often have features that make them stand out. Examples include a heavier crown, which provides more scintillation. Or the antique cut facet that creates brilliance as well as flashes of color and radiance, coupled with the old-world romance of a bygone era.

Different Cuts Reflect Diamond Craftsmanship

Evolution of shapes_Sarine

Many of the diamond cut styles found in antique jewelry are not available today. These include the rounded “Old Euro” cut and the “Old Mine” cut, more square in shape (although unlike a princess cut, it has rounded edges). Or even the “Rose” cut, which falls somewhere between the two. Newer cuts are more standardized. Today, diamond cuts are regulated to create greater perfection from the rough diamond. The scarcity of older cuts in today’s market make antique diamonds almost “new” again. They are uncommon and good examples can be hard to find.

More Reasons to Buy Antique Diamonds

There are many other benefits to purchasing an antique stone. One is the ‘green’ factor. Since antique diamonds were not mined recently, consumers know that their purchase has a zero-net effect on the environment. On a purely financial level, antique diamonds are also a good investment. You get more for your money, and you get a bigger stone that will likely hold its value longer.

Then, of course, many take the romantic route when it comes to antique diamonds. There is a belief that a previously worn diamond will bring you the luck of those who wore it before. That the diamond absorbs the essence of the previous wearer. And for the non-romantic at heart, history can still be important. The idea that someone of noble blood, or a member of the aristocracy, wore your ring can be exciting and enticing. And, in a generation that values independence and individuality, owning an antique diamond, with its unique providence and sense of history, is extremely appealing.

Whatever the reason behind the choice to purchase an antique diamond, one thing is for sure: what’s old can absolutely become new again.

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