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九月 2016

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SPECTRUM – Voices from the Diamond Industry #08

In this edition of SPECTRUM diamond trends blog we feature Lisa Levison writing for professionaljeweller.com on the changing attitudes towards diamonds and how it is time for the industry to respond, hear hear! We also have a great piece by Jessye McGarry for Mashable on 11 things Millennials ruined, which of course includes diamonds; Theverge.com reporting on the new “mis-named” Archos ’55 Diamond Selfie’ phone; The Washington Times review by Martin Rubin of Rachelle Bergstein’s new ‘Brilliance and Fire’ book; Our chosen diamond of the week from @MandCoJewellers; and finally, USMagazine.com gives us a list of the 7 most pinned engagement ring styles on Pinterest for 2016.

GUEST COLUMN: The industry needs to respond to changing attitudes towards diamonds


By Lisa Levison

It’s like Lisa Levison took the words right out of our mouths. “Diamond purchases evoke feelings of love, celebration, and euphoria. It is what sets them apart from other consumer categories. Being both expensive and emotionally significant, consumers want diamond jewellery to honour these attributes. They want rarity and they want reassurance. Diamond buyers want their diamond to be as unique as the feeling it portrays.” Every diamond has a story to tell and we know the only way to do this properly is by using light performance and other key details about the diamond as a benchmark. Our Sarine Profile technology is the most accurate way to tell your diamond story, find out how here http://www.sarine.com/sarineprofile


11 Things Millennials Ruined


By Jessye McGarry

Poor Millennials sure are getting a bad rap around the world, and none more so when it comes to diamonds and the way Millennials relate to diamonds. In fact, Jessye McGarry has put together this funny, if not a little sad, tongue-in-cheek list of 11 things Millennials have ruined and diamonds of course make their mark. We recently wrote a blog about this called, Millennials and diamonds. Is it love, hate or something in between? Check it out.


Archos’ New ‘55 Diamond Selfie’ Phone isn’t Made of Diamonds


By Ashley Carman

Having featured diamond encrusted toilets and fruit in recent editions of SPECTRUM blog, you can imagine our disappointment to find out that the new Archos ’55 Diamond Selfie’ mobile phone isn’t in fact made from diamonds nor is it a selfie phone. Ashley Carman profiles this new “mis-named” phone in his piece. We are curious to know how it got its name, are you?

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Brilliance and Fire: A Biography of Diamonds’


By Martin Rubin

Martin Rubin gives a very fair and thorough analysis of the long awaited Rachelle Bergstein book, “Brilliance and Fire.” Hardly surprising claims Rubin that Bergstein focuses on the nasty side of the diamond industry but he does praise the book by saying, “The good news is that mixed in with all this high moral rectitude is a rollicking romp through the glamorous world of diamonds and those who revelled in them. From Washington’s own Evelyn Walsh Maclean’s cursed Hope Diamond to Baltimore’s Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson Windsor’s hideous resetting of the magnificent gems bequeathed to her husband by his grandmother Queen Alexandra, with stops along the way from Paris to New York to Hollywood, this costliest of fashion parades gets its due and then some.” Intrigued? We are.

7 Engagement Ring Trends You Can’t Ignore, Courtesy of Pinterest


Now, thanks to US Magazine you don’t have to work very hard to know what the top most pinned engagement ring styles are on Pinterest this year. Check them out in this list of engagement ring trends and see what styles your customers are into at this very moment.


Our Diamond of the week is brought to you from @MandCoJewellers with their beautiful eternity ring.


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