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一月 2017

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Advisor 6.0 New Feature: Scoop Planning

By Gilad Shaham, Product Manager @Sarine

Advisor™ is Sarine’s flagship rough planning software product, and the most widely used program of its type. Since its initial development and launch in 1995, the Advisor program, together with the Galaxy™ inclusion mapping system, has become a staple software for diamond manufacturers worldwide.

We’re launching the first product post of the Diamond Tech blog with a discussion about an important new feature of Sarine’s Advisor™ rough planning software. The feature is called “Scoop Planning” and it’s sparking quite a revolution in the process of automated rough planning. The new scoop planning function is included in all versions of Advisor from 6.0 and above.

Advisor 6.0: After Pie Cutting comes…Scoop Planning

Pie cutting is the technique of segmenting a rough diamond into sections with two sawing planes, extracting a combination of polished diamonds that yield the maximum ROI in terms of size, clarity and monetary value.

Advisor 6.0 introduces to the industry the next-generation planning option: Scoop Planning.

Scooping vs. Slicing

Scoop planning is the new method of ‘scooping’ out the polished diamond from the rough with three sawing planes, whereas the pie cutting technique ‘slices’ the rough diamond with two planes. The image below shows a rough diamond after sawing using the scoop planning guidelines. Notice the three sawing planes that have effectively ‘scooped’ the portion of the rough diamond for further cutting and polishing.

Pictured: A ‘scoop’ taken from the rough diamond. Note the three sawing planes in the rough diamond at right.













Scoop planning results in larger diamonds and larger yields than can currently be achieved with pie cutting. The scoop planning function, with increased complexity of cut angles, gives planners the option to add a polished diamond to the yield with maximum size and dollar value, best utilizing every possible part of the rough diamond.

To better illustrate the scoop planning function, let’s compare two examples of screenshots from Advisor™ software (note: these screenshots are based on simulated diamonds to illustrate the use of the software).

This first screenshot (Fig.1) shows a rough diamond planned with the pie cutting option. Note the polished stones are cut with two planes. An additional polished diamond has been extracted with the pie cutting function, in order to maximize the yield that can be achieved from the rough diamond. The details of the additional diamond are marked with a red circle.

Fig. 1:












Now, let’s examine the same rough diamond, featuring an additional polished stone extracted with the scoop planning function (Fig.2). By using the three saw planes, the planner can truly optimize the rough diamond to yield a larger, more valuable additional polished stone.


Fig. 2:












Now let’s compare both planning options. (Fig. 3). At the top, the pie cutting option yields an additional polished diamond of 0.538ct, valued at $2,582. At bottom, the scoop planning options yields the polished diamond at a far greater weight of 0.926ct, and value of $6,482.



With the scoop planning option, the Advisor operator can take advantage of many opportunities in which the rough diamond can yield better results than with standard pie cutting, just like the example above.

When every carat point counts, and every extra dollar extracted from a rough diamond makes a difference, scoop planning offers added versatility and efficiency in your rough planning operations.

Want to find out more about Advisor Scoop Planning?

Click here to view a short instructional video about Advisor Scoop Planning.

To download the Advisor manual, visit the Sarine Support page, and select Advisor from the Rough Planning category, or enter the name ‘Advisor’ in the free text field.


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