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一月 2017

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Exploring DiaMobile™ XL: Portable inclusion scanning device for diamond tenders

By Gilad Shaham, Product Manager @Sarine

Attend a diamond tender anywhere in the world, and you’ll see numerous Sarine DiaMobile™ XL machines at work. DiaMobile XL is a rough scanning device that works in conjunction with Sarine Advisor™ software, offering instant rough planning that enables diamond manufacturers and traders to effectively price rough diamonds during tenders.

What makes DiaMobile XL such a popular choice for diamond professionals on the go? To answer the question, we’re going to explore some new and little known features.

But first, let’s take a quick walk through the rough purchasing process with DiaMobile XL.

DiaMobile XL rough purchasing device
DiaMobile XL rough purchasing device











Rough Purchasing with DiaMobile™ XL

The diamond trader takes along the compact portable DiaMobile XL device to a diamond tender. A plug-and-play device, the planner simply connects DiaMobile XL to a laptop that has Sarine Advisor software installed, and is then ready to scan rough diamonds. Based on the scan produced by DiaMobile XL, the planner uses Advisor to manually mark the visible inclusions on the rough stone. Advisor then automatically calculates rough planning options, giving the planner an accurate, on-the-spot evaluation of the rough diamond. Armed with this information, the planner can make confident buying and selling decisions.

New, improved optics

DiaMobile XL now has improved camera resolution that supports sharper video images and enables far more accurate charting of inclusions.

The effectiveness of the cutting plans created by Advisor depends upon the accuracy with which the planner manually charts the inclusions on the rough diamond. With the higher resolution camera of the DiaMobile XL, the planner can better inspect the interior of the rough diamond, allowing an even higher level of precision in inclusion charting. And that means better planning results.

Laser mapping

Rough diamond scanning is fraught with visual complications. Grooves, holes, and concave areas can hamper the accuracy of rough diamond modeling, reducing the ability of the Advisor software to offer the most effective rough planning options. DiaMobile XL laser mapping is a feature that enables high precision modeling, so the user can achieve a higher level of planning and evaluation accuracy of the rough diamond.

New Reflector

With the new reflector feature, the user can set a white background to the rough diamond images. This makes it much easier to visualize and inspect the internal inclusions, which were not clearly visible with earlier editions of DiaMobile XL.

Quiet Operation

DiaMobile XL does the complex work of high-resolution scanning of rough diamonds, and now it does it more quietly than ever before. In the busy environment of the diamond tender, there’s no need for extra background noise to distract from the precision work of rough purchasing. Enjoy a quieter DiaMobile XL experience than with previous models.

Use on the go – or in the office

Given its light, compact size and portability, DiaMobile XL is a popular choice for traveling to tenders. At less than 3kg weight and under 30cm long, the device easily fits into a carry bag. However, it is perhaps less well known that the DiaMobile XL is used by many diamond professionals in the office too. Instant plug and play set up combined with high-level accuracy make it an ideal solution for a fast rough planning process to help fine-tune planning decisions in the office.


Want to find out more about DiaMobile™ XL rough purchasing?

Click here to view the product specifications.

To download the DiaMobile™ XL manual, visit the Sarine Support page, and select the Rough Purchasing category.



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