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三月 2017

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5 Popular Online Resources for Jewelers

As the world moves online, so does the jewelry retail arena. It’s not just jewelry consumers who are reading up on the latest trends, sales, and information about diamonds and jewelry. More and more jewelry retailers are using online tools and resources to help them boost their business, keep up with the latest news from the industry, and trade with fellow jewelers, all over the world. So we’ve gathered a shortlist of some of best and most useful online resources for jewelers. Check them out!


1. Keep Your Jewelry Business Safe & Secure

Jewelers deal with high cost goods, and not just when the store is open. It’s an issue that weighs upon jewelers 24/7. How to keep you store and your inventory secure from theft, fraud and trickery of sophisticated criminals. To find out the latest news and updates about jewelry store security, visit the Clarity blog on the website of renowned jewelry insurance company Jeweler’s Mutual. It’s updated regularly with articles, tips and statistics that are important for jewelers to know.

Read the Clarity blog


2. The Facebook Group for Jewelers

Jewelers Helping Jewelers is the fastest growing and most popular Facebook group for jewelry retailers and traders. Networking, tips, events, advice, a bit of socializing, lots of fun, with over 5000 members and counting – it’s the place for jewelers to share their everyday concerns, successes, crazy customer stories, and much more.

Go to the Jewelers Helping Jewelers Facebook page


3. Instore Magazine Annual Big Survey

In the bustle and stress of running a business, it can be hard to take the bigger picture into account. Whether or not you can feel it from day to day, there are definite trends going on that affect the business of jewelry retailers large and small. Once a year, give yourself a few minutes to take the time to explore the state of the jewelry industry. And why not make it a fun and informative experience, with the annual Big Survey, run by Instore Magazine. With a rundown of the year that was, including best performing jewelry brands, lots of statistics and interesting anecdotes from the sales floor, it’s a once-a-year read not to be missed.

Read about the Instore Annual Big Survey of 2016

4. Resell Your Diamonds Online

Ecommerce is a huge current issue for jewelry retailers. How can I blend the online and instore experience? How can I use the internet to boost jewelry sales? How do I handle a customer who found a cheaper diamond online? As the diamond and jewelry business moves deeper into the online world, there are more and more online services popping up designed to help. One is Mondiamo, a diamond resale site, where people can safely resell their second hand diamond jewelry. It’s an interesting new trend, and worth looking at.

Visit www.mondiamo.com


5. Home of the Jewelry Repairs Bible

The indispensable Blue Book of Repairs, by the renowned industry leader David Geller, is available on its official site, along with tons of other useful information, links and resources. It’s worth signing up to the email list, and visiting now and again to take advantage of the updated industry information about repairs, custom work and pricing that are available on the site.

Visit the site 


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