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四月 2017

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Achieving Polished Weight Targets with Technology

By Guy Ben-Ari, Product Manager @ Sarine

The journey of diamond production, from rough stone to polished gem, is complex and fascinating. After Sarine Galaxy™ inclusion mapping and Advisor™ rough planning, followed by blocking and bruting, the rough diamond is now in the makeable stage. Ready to be crafted by the diamond polisher to its final shape, this is the part of the long process of diamond manufacturing where Sarine’s Instructor™ software takes center stage.

Instructor software is a rich toolbox for the diamond manufacturer, providing a variety of powerful functions working together to optimize the diamond cutting process. It begins with accurate diamond measurement, through full 3D modeling, proportions and symmetry grading, and planning tools that calculate and present options for final cutting plans for polished diamonds. Instructor helps to maximize the polished yield, with average increase of 1 to 4% in carat weight of the finished diamond.

Instructor diamond planning

A new release pack for Instructor version 3.8 is soon to be released. Before exploring the features included in the release pack, let’s take a closer look at some of the functions of Instructor.



Integrated Cut Grading According to Gem Lab or Manufacturer

Cutters working with Instructor software may use the already integrated official cut grade systems of the world’s gem labs, (such as GIA, HRD, IGI, etc), or set up their own cut-grade definitions and manufacturer’s specifications within the software. By selecting the gem lab from the drop down menu (see Fig. 1), the user is able to adjust and assess the polishing plan automatically and in real time, based on the specifications of the relevant gem lab. This includes the various protocols of different gem labs in relation to the rounding up or down of diamond measurements.

The GIA and AGS data is available as software add ons.

Fig 1. Gem labs parameters are integrated in Instructor software
Fig 1. Gem labs parameters are integrated in Instructor software



Recut Function

After examining the polishing options offered by Instructor, the user can virtually and automatically “recut” the diamond according to the designated gem lab cut grade (for example, recut to GIA Excellent Proportions and Excellent Symmetry), or set his/her own cut-grade definitions based on the manufacturer’s needs. Furthermore, the user can set manual addition of inclusions and other parameters to guide the recut engine on specific aspects to include or ignore in the automatic recut process. Finally, the Virtual Polish feature gives the cutter full control to move the diamond facets as desired, to maximize polished weight, or whether or not to sacrifice cut or symmetry grading in order to achieve target weights.

Fig.2 Auto recut function displayed in blue at the top left of the diamond graphical display screen
Fig.2 Auto recut function displayed in blue at the top left of the diamond graphical display screen



Hearts & Arrows Ray Tracing

Via the use of ray tracing, Instructor calculates and simulates the light that travels through the diamond, and with this data, the system displays the diamond’s hearts and arrows pattern. The hearts & arrows data offers extra insight and information of the diamond’s cut and symmetry, as well as the position of the diamond’s facets, and their uniform alignment and ideal correlation for light return.

Instructor Hearts & Arrows
Fig. 3 Rendition of hearts & arrows pattern in Instructor




The Reports feature enables export of all data from Instructor, making it very useful for integration with other ERP information systems. The reports can be fully customized and printed by the user. The Report Editor feature is a flexible tool to customize and create the detailed printed report with clear and effective polishing instructions to be used by the diamond polisher. These reports are a vital tool for the polisher, and include illustrations and instructions that guide the polisher step-by-step according to the final, optimal plan.

Instructor Reports
Fig. 4 Cutting report generated by Instructor



Instructor™ 3.8 New Release Pack (Coming Soon) – What to Expect

  • NGTC 2015 Non Linear Grading System

Instructor 3.8 includes the official nonlinear grading system of NGTC (National Gemstone Testing Center), which is a popular grading system in the Chinese market.

  • Sarine Profile™ Enhancement

Instructor 3.8 allows you to upload Cut and Hearts & Arrows data to Sarine Profile by using your own Stock ID or Lab Report ID. This eliminates typing errors and simplifies the operational process.

  • Improved Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows simulations are significantly improved with the Instructor 3.8, enabling more precise renditions of the hearts & arrows pattern.

  • Supports Windows 10

Instructor 3.8 now fully supports Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit).



Want to find out more about Instructor polished planning software?

Click here to view the product specifications.

To download the Instructor user manual, visit the Sarine Support page, and select the Cut & Symmetry category.


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