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light performance

Unlike other gemstones, a diamond's appearance is a unique result of the way light exits the diamond and reflects back to the eye of the viewer. This is called "light performance".
Light performance is affected by:
  • The diamond's unique cut
  • Internal inclusions
  • External flaws
  • Location of flaws & inclusions
  • Size of flaws & inclusions
  • Type of flaws & inclusions

When it comes to light performance,

no two diamonds are the same.

Light performance is an excellent tool to help the customer understand and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the diamond they are looking at.

Find out all about the science of light performance in an exclusive white paper by the technologists at Sarine: "The Science of Light Beauty: Understanding the Role of Light Performance in Diamond Grading".

A diamond's beauty is subjective

Since the 1950s, the 4Cs have been the international standard for diamond grading. Diamonds are examined manually by professional gemologists in gem labs worldwide, and graded against standard grading scales. With the exception of cut grading, which is measured via computerized technology pioneered by Sarine in the 1990s, the 4Cs grading may be subject to individual perception.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then two people will have two different experiences of a diamond's visual beauty.


How does light performance help To SHOW

The diamond's beauty to my customers?

Light performance grading by Sarine is the world's first standardized, non-biased analysis of a diamond's visual beauty. It is achieved with the Sarine Light™ light performance measurement and grading technological device.

Light performance by Sarine Light™ is:
Based on extensive R&D of over 23,000 diamonds
Backed by scientific evidence
Based on advanced algorithms proven to give repeatable results
Analysis of a diamond's appearance based on the way it plays with light

When you show the diamond's light performance grading to your customers, you are giving them powerful diamond information that goes beyond the 4Cs.

Watch here to see how Sarine's light performance, together with the 4Cs, is the best way to help your customer choose the right diamond.