Sarine Lab Services - Sarine钻石证书-4C标准钻石原石及光性能火彩新零售溯源技术珠宝趋势

Sarine Lab Services

Automated AI-based diamond grading and detection from the world's diamond technology leader.

Sarine Lab provides state-of-the-art diamond grading and detection services based on a wide range of accurate, automated technologies. It's the exclusive home of Sarine Profile™ reports, the next generation platform to enhance the process of buying and selling diamonds. Sarine Profile reports are available as customizable digital report and printed report.

Grading Reports

Every diamond scanned and graded in Sarine Labs is assigned a unique report number, which corresponds to the diamond’s digital data file. Read More >

Diamond Authentication & Testing

At Sarine Technology Labs, diamond authentication and testing is conducted prior to diamond grading. Read More >