Grading Reports

Every diamond scanned and graded in Sarine Labs is assigned a unique report number, which corresponds to the diamond's digital data file. Sarine diamond reports are powered by Sarine Profile™, comprehensive diamond analysis, grading and display technology that enables an accurate, deep and intuitive diamond experience. Sarine reports come in a range of formats, including digital report and printed report.

Digital Report

The Digital Report is an online report that is ideal for embedding on diamond retail websites. The diamond story is presented in an HTML frame, which can be displayed on the product web page. The Digital Report is available in a wide range of templates, including a clickable multi-page format or as a scrollable web page.

The Digital Report link can be shared via email, messaging, chat apps and social media, making it fully accessible online from anywhere.

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diamond grading fees

Report Types & Fees

Sarine Profile™ grading reports come in a range of formats and templates to suit every budget. From the 4Cs, to Light performance and the rough-to-polished diamond journey, Sarine reports are flexible and modular, giving retailers the freedom to create a digital diamond experience that suits their customers.  Reports are available in digital display, and some are also available in printed format.  Click to view Sarine Profile report types and fees.

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Printed Report

The Printed Report is a hard-copy version of the Sarine diamond report. Printed reports have limited customizability, and are available for order as part of the digital diamond display package. Reports are printed on high quality embossed paper, and are an ideal way to provide a more traditional diamond report format that customers can take home.

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Diamond grading standard

Grading Standards

Sarine Labs use cutting-edge processes and technology for diamond measurement, analysis and grading, and adheres to the world’s highest standards of excellence and quality. Find our more in the Sarine Labs Grading Book.



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