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New Release: Advisor 7.0 with Advanced Features

Sarine Advisor 7.0 edition is packed with new, advanced features. Currently in the beta testing phase, Advisor 7.0 is set to be released soon. Meanwhile, here are some highlights of the updated edition:

Advisor 7.0 Top 5 New Feature Highlights

  1. CAP, Centralized Advisor Planning – Maximizes the number of plan options via an automated process that drastically reduces the time spent in the planning queue, and enables rough planning at the factory level according to real time market demands.
  2. Customized pricing – Integrates the manufacturer’s pricing list directly into Advisor program for instant automated diamond pricing.
  3. Photo Realistic simulation – High accuracy 3D simulation of the final polished diamond to better judge the stone clarity and the light performances at an earlier stage of the planning process.
  4. Stone Manager – New and improved version of the “open stone” dialog with advanced features to easily explore your stones.
  5. Tension Scanning – New add-on enables scanning and display of the tension level and location in the rough stone with Sarine’s DiaExpert Eye systems early in the planning stage, even before the stone reaches the laser department.

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