Sarine Clarity & Sarine Color: Automated Objective Diamond Grading Technology - Sarine钻石证书-4C标准钻石原石及光性能火彩新零售溯源技术珠宝趋势

Sarine Clarity & Sarine Color: Automated Objective Diamond Grading Technology

Sarine recently announced the development of new grading technologies that are set to revolutionize the way the industry measures and grades diamond clarity.

At a press conference held in November at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Sarine CEO Uzi Levami introduced the Sarine Clarity™ device, designed to provide world-first automated, accurate and reliable clarity grading. The Sarine Clarity™ is a learning machine, based on algorithms that become more accurate with every diamond that is measured and graded. The new clarity grading technology also provides a sort & filter function that enables the user to pre-define clarity preferences according to market demands, thereby providing a clarity sorting function at the grading stage. According to Mr Levami, “The technology removes the manual, labor intensive aspect of clarity grading, freeing the gemologist’s time to focus on the parts of the job that demand professional judgement. In addition to enabling a truly standardized grading system, the technology also has the capacity to filter and sort diamonds according to clarity and based on the preferences and demands of specific market segments. Our new grading technologies will not only deliver an industry wide, consistent grading process – they will also help streamline the diamond pipeline all the way to the retailer’s store.”

In addition to the Sarine Clarity™, Sarine also announced the development of the Sarine Color™ automated color grading technology, which surpasses lab-grade levels of color grading accuracy. Together, the Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ provide diamond manufacturers and gem labs with a complete automated grading solution for the 4Cs, together with Sarine’s DiaMension™ cut grading device already in use worldwide.

Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ are currently undergoing beta testing in India. The technologies are expected to be introduced to the market in mid-2017.

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