Diamond Journey

From its origins deep in the Earth, a diamond is discovered. The journey it takes from mine to jewelry store is long and complex. Throughout the entire process of mapping, planning, cutting and polishing, there are advanced technologies that ensure the gemologist achieves the most beautiful, valuable polished diamond. Sarine Labs presents this story in the Diamond Journey report – a visual adventure that displays the diamond’s unique journey from its beginnings as a rough stone through every stage to becoming a polished diamond.  

Rough Mapping

Formed deep in the earth over millions of years, every rough diamond is one of a kind, offering a world of potential as a finished jewel. This potential is realized via the process of rough mapping. The rough diamond is scanned by advanced Sarine Galaxy® imaging technology that maps its internal birthmarks, and the DiaExpert® device that maps the diamonds external surface. With this revealing information, the planner can decide the best way to cut and craft the ideal diamond from the unique rough.

Rough Planning

There are endless ways to cut and polish a rough diamond. Depending on its size, features and birthmarks, the planner must decide on the best cutting plan for the rough diamond to bring out its latent beauty and sparkle. This is achieved with the help of advanced Sarine Advisor® software that analyzes the rough diamond and creates a wealth of cutting plans to choose from, according to the market needs and business goals of the diamond manufacturer.  

Rough diamond planning

Diamond Sawing

The process of creating a finished diamond is complex. It demands painstaking care and craftsmanship. In the event that the rough diamond needs to be sawed by laser into segments, the Quazer® by Sarine is a leading choice for high quality laser sawing. It is a delicate procedure that requires skill, patience and the most advanced technology to ensure the diamond is sawed correctly, down to miniscule levels of precision.

Diamond Polishing

Crafting a diamond is a process of constant refinement. Polished diamonds are created according to the optimal cutting plan devised and selected by Advisor rough planning software. Then, the professional diamond cutter works according to the cutting plan, polishing over and over again until the final desired result is achieved. Throughout the entire painstaking process, the diamond is periodically scanned with the DiaMension® HD technology, the world’s most advanced diamond measurement and analysis software, to ensure that the diamond cutter is precisely adhering to the cutting plan. Finally, the beautiful polished diamond emerges, and it undergoes a final scan with DiaMension HD, verifying that every facet and detail of the finished diamond is perfectly accurate.

Diamond Polishing

Grading Reports

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