Sarine Introduces 3D-Origin™ Accurate Model of Original Rough Diamond

Sarine announces the launch of yet another innovative sales tool for retailers - the 3D-Origin™, a 3D-printed accurate model of the rough diamond from which the Sarine Journey™-verified polished diamond was derived.  An optional add-on to the Sarine Diamond Journey™, the 3D-Origin™ model replicates the rough diamond’s actual form, enhancing the in-store and post-store customer experience. Jewelry ... read more

NEW ART CIMA Ltd. Introduces Sarine Diamond Journey™

Japan's leading bridal jewellery retail chain,  NEW ART CIMA Ltd. is introducing the Sarine Diamond Journey™ provenance solutions as a centrepiece of its new marketing campaign and consumer experience. The Sarine Diamond Journey™ focuses on the story of the diamond from its origin and rough structure until its final polished form. The company is also introducing Sarine's latest exciting enhancement to the Sarine ... read more

Sarine Diamond Journey™ Adopted by Leading Diamond Supplier

The Sarine Diamond Journey™ reports are being adopted by renown diamond manufacturer Schachter & Namdar (Pty.) Ltd., DeBeers sight holder in Namibia, for their prestigious Namibian Brilliant Rose and Proudly South African brands. The Sarine Diamond Journey™ report is the only traceability report to include information derived technologically from Sarine’s platforms during the diamond’s transformation from ... read more

Sarine Profile Service Centre Opens In Japan

Sarine has opened a new service centre for the issuing of Sarine Profile reports for polished diamonds in Tokyo, servicing retailers and the polished diamond trade in Japan. Sarine decided to open the service centre in response to the growing demand for Sarin Profile reports in the Japanese retail trade of polished diamonds, and is confident it will be able to offer excellent and timely services to the diamond industry in Japan. ... read more

Sarine to Collaborate with Lucara Diamond Corp. on Innovative Clara Initiative

Sarine has entered into an agreement with Clara Diamond Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Lucara Diamond Corp.  Clara proposes to sell diamonds directly to jewellery manufacturers via a digital platform backed by secure blockchain technology developed by Clara. Clara's platform will enable recording the mine origin of the rough diamond before it is sold. Sarine's Galaxy® inclusion mapping technology and its Advisor® ... read more

Sarine Opens New Galaxy® Inclusion Mapping Service In China

Sarine has opened a new Galaxy® service centre for the scanning and mapping of internal inclusions in rough diamonds in the Sha Wan Jewellery Park, in the Panyu District of Guangzhou, servicing the rough diamond trade and diamond manufacturers there and in China, in general. View the press release. read more

Sarine Announces Opening of Second Sarine Technology Laboratory

Sarine announced today that it is opening its second Sarine Technology Laboratory in Mumbai, India, as scheduled, which will offer services to the key Indian polishing centre, commencing immediately. The Sarine Technology Laboratory offers reports on the broadest range of a polished diamond's parameters available in the market today, including AI-based automated 4Cs grading, diamond authentication, treatments verification, light ... read more

Sarine Profile™ Selected by Borsheims to Showcase Mr. Warren Buffett’s Signature Diamonds At Berkshire Hathaway’s 2018 Shareholders Meeting

Sarine announced that Borsheims selected the Sarine Profile™ to accompany each of Mr. Warren Buffett’s very limited series of Signature Diamonds sold at the annual Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting this week in Omaha, Nebraska. Each stone was engraved on-site by Sarine’s DiaScribe™ system with Mr. Buffett’s signature, a personalised commemoration or message of affection of the buyers’ choice and its ... read more

Sarine’s Artificial Intelligence Based 4Cs Diamond Grading Reports Adopted by Japan’s K-Uno

The leading innovative K-Uno brand is the world's first jewellery retailer to adopt Sarine's artificial intelligence based, automated 4Cs grading report. Read more read more

Two Indian Nationals Convicted and Sentenced in Tel Aviv Regarding Attempted Theft of Sarine’s Intellectual Property

Further to our announcement of 23 July 2017, concerning the attempt by two Indian nationals to buy Sarine’s IP in a fraudulent manner, we are pleased to update that the perpetrators were convicted. Read more read more