Dominion Diamond Adopts Sarine Diamond Journey™ For Enhanced Tracking / Visualization Of CanadaMark™ Diamonds

Sarine is pleased to announce that Dominion Diamond Mines ULC (“Dominion”), Canada’s largest independent diamond producer, is introducing an enhanced CanadaMark™ website incorporating the new Sarine Diamond Journey™ report. View press release . read more

Sarine Technologies Launches Meteorite™ System for Inclusion Mapping of Smallest Stones Segment

Sarine announced today the official launch of its new Meteorite™ system for the cost-effective inclusion mapping of very small rough stones, under 0.35 carats. Based on the Meteor™ system, the Meteorite is offered as the most cost-effective solution currently available in the industry, to provide inclusion mapping for the segment of very small rough diamonds below 35 points in size. View press release . read more

Sarine Announces New DiaExpert™ Edge Added-Value Upgrade For DiaExpert® Planning Systems

Sarine is pleased to announce the introduction of an added-value upgrade for existing or new DiaExpert® platforms – the DiaExpert™ Edge. The new DiaExpert™ Edge uses advanced LED technology to achieve radically more accurate modelling, capturing even the most minute surface features and texture with incredible precision and clarity. View the press release . read more

Sarine Announces Opening of Sarine Technology (Gemmological) Laboratory

Sarine announced today the opening of the Sarine Technology Laboratory. Utilising Sarine's breakthrough artificial intelligence based technological solutions for the automated, accurate, consistent, digital, and objective grading of a polished diamond's Clarity and Colour, the Sarine Technology Lab will initially offer services in Ramat Gan, Israel, commencing in February. View the press release. read more

Sarine Thrilled By 10 Million Stones Scanned By Galaxy® Systems Worldwide In 2017

Sarine Galaxy® family of scanning and inclusion mapping systems scanned 10 million stones worldwide in 2017. The company today reports the milestone of having scanned 10 million stones in a single year, and over 30 million stones cumulatively since the technology’s launch.  View the press release . read more

Sarine Technologies Group Continuing Legal Efforts Against Technology Infringers

As previously reported on 29 June 2017 and 07 August 2017, Sarine and its wholly owned subsidiary, Galatea, have filed lawsuits in India against Diyora & Bhanderi Corporation and other parties (DBC) for patent and software copyright infringement concerning DBC’s wrongful use of Sarine’s protected rough diamond scanning machines and planning software. View the press release . read more

Love & Co. Adopts Sarine ProfileTM Digital Diamond Report For Its Lovemarque Diamond Collection In China

The Sarine Profile™ digital diamond report will be rolled out across China by Soo Kee Group Ltd under the Love & Co. brand for its proprietary Lovemarque diamond collection. In conjunction with the Love & Co.’s brand launch at a gala event today in Shenzhen, China, the jeweller announced its partnership with Sarine and its initiative to be the first jeweller in China to introduce the first fully digital diamond report ... read more

Sarine is Expanding Sarine Profile™ to Include 4Cs Grading & Diamond Verification

The enhanced 4Cs Sarine Profile™ report will provide the option to include automated 4Cs grading, based on the new Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ technologies, in addition to advanced synthetic diamond and treatment detection.  View the press release read more

Two Indian Suspects Arrested In Tel Aviv On Suspicion Of Attempted Theft Of Sarine’s Intellectual Property

The suspects were arrested during a set-up meeting in which they handed over US$ 100,000 in cash, as an advance payment against an agreed US$1,000,000, to be paid in exchange for Sarine’s Galaxy system schematics, list of parts and vendors, and software source code. Read more read more

Sarine Technologies Group Files Legal Actions in India

Sarine has filed lawsuits in India seeking injunctive reliefs and damages for patent and software copyright infringement. The legal actions are directed against a group of unscrupulous businessmen who infringe on Sarine’s patented technologies for internal inclusion mapping, and its copyrighted Advisor software for rough diamond planning. Read more read more