Timeline - Sarine钻石证书-4C标准钻石原石及光性能火彩新零售溯源技术珠宝趋势

30 Years of Leadership - Sarine History Timeline

First Sarine Product - Robogem

Sarine launches its first product, Robogem, an automated system for producing polished gemstones.

Sarine Develops the DiaCenter

The first automated computerized centering system for rough diamond bruting.

The DiaMension is Introduced

A pioneering grading product for assessing the Cut of polished diamonds.

Multi-Unit Deal by Japan’s Leading Laboratory CGL

DiaMension multi-unit deal by Japan’s leading laboratory CGL.

DiaExpert is Developed

Sarine develops the DiaExpert, an automated computerized planning system for the maximum utilization of stones.

Introducing the Laser Scanning

Sarine introduces the use of laser scanning to create 3-dimensional concave models of rough stones.

Introducing the DiaMark

Sarine introduces the DiaMark, allowing the DiaExpert to automatically inscribe on the rough stone's surface using lasers.

Sarin India is Established

Sarin Technologies India Private Limited is incorporated as part of Sarin Technologies Limited.

Sarine Launches the Quazer

An advanced green-laser system for sawing, cutting, and shaping diamonds.

Sarine is Listed on SGX

Diamond-related Sarin Technologies is first Israeli company to be listed on SGX.

Sarine Introduces the Facetware®

Sarine launches new GIA Cut grading software for the diamond industry.

Sarine Incorporates New AGS Cut Grading Standards

The agreement signed enabled their mutual customers to apply the latest AGS cut grading standards with their Sarin products.

Sarine Introduces the DiaExpert Eye

Sarine introduces the DiaExpert Eye for the semi-automated inclusion charting of rough diamonds.

Sarine Collaborates with Shree Ramkrishna Export

Shree Ramkrishna Export is the first Sarin customer to own & operate 100 Sarin machines.

Sarine Purchases Galatea

Galatea becomes a part of Sarine Technologies Limited.

NGTC Purchases DiaMnesion HD

Launch of DiaMension HD for Polished Diamonds

Sarine Technologies Launches the DiaMension HD For Polished Diamond Measurement.

Launch of Instructor Software

Sarine Technologies launches the Instructor software for polished diamonds.

Launch of Galaxy 1000 and 2000

Galatea Ltd. launches the Galaxy 1000 and 2000 systems for the automated inclusion mapping of rough diamonds.

Sarine Launches the Strategist

Sarine launches the Strategist saw-plane planning system, allowing for a safer and higher yield laser cutting plan.

Galaxy 1000 Delivered To The Blue Star Group

GIA Upgrades Cut Grade Measuring Systems To DiaMension HD

AGS Adopts DiaMension HD

American Gem Society Lab adopts DiaMension HD for cut grading and joint research on automatic symmetry grading.

New Service Center in India

Sarin India to Open new Galaxy and Quazer service centers in Mumbai's Dahisar Diamond Industrial Zone.

Quazer and Strategist - Products of Choice

Quazer II And Strategist selected as products of choice by Dharmanandan Diamonds of India.

Kirtilals Jewellers Launch use of DiaScan S+

Kirtilals Jewellers retail outlets in South India launch use of Sarine's DiaScan S+ polished diamond grading system.

Kiran Gems - The First Manufacturer to have 400 Sarine Systems

Kiran Gems Pvt. is the first manufacturer to have over 400 Sarine rough diamond planning and marking systems.

Solaris 100 and DiaExpert Eye Systems Acquired by Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited has selected Sarine’s Solaris 100 and DiaExpert Eye systems for rough diamond inclusion mapping and planning at their manufacturing facilities in Shunde, China and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sarine Light is Launched

Sarine launches Sarine Light integrated Light Performance system at JCK Show In Las-Vegas

Sarine Light Launched by CIMA

Sarine Light Launched by CIMA

Sarine NA Collaborates with NY Diamond Dealers Club

Sarine North America and New York's Diamond Dealers Club enter into a strategic collaboration.

Exelco Adopts Sarine Light™

Exelco Belgium adopts Sarine Light™ light performance grading.

Sarine Launches Instructor 3

Sarine launches new Instructor 3.0 software with completely new level of fancy shaped polished diamond modeling.

Grand Opening of Sarine New York Office

Sarine Technologies Ltd.'s grand opening of its new subsidiary offices in New York promises innovation for the diamond jewelry industry.

Sarine Launches Quazer 3

Sarine introduces new cutting edge technologies with the launch of Quazer 3.

Sarine Collaborates with Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany selects Sarine Technologies DiaMension Axiom to develop new polished diamond symmetry standards

Sarine Collaborates with HRD

Sarine and HRD Antwerp collaborate to offer system interoperability.

GSI Adopts DiaMension Axiom

Gemological Science International (GSI) adopts Sarine's DiaMension Axiom.

GIA Adopts Instructor

GIA verifies Sarine's DiaMension Axiom platform and adopts Instructor as standard software.

Sarine Profile is Launched

Sarine launches new Sarine Profile for polished diamond wholesale and retail trade.

Rosy Blue Upgrades to Sarine Systems

Global diamantaire Rosy Blue upgrades its production facilities to Sarine systems.

Sarine Profile Launched on RapNet

Sarine Profile Launched on RapNet trade platform.

Sarine Release Galaxy Meteor

Sarine Technologies releases Meteor system for inclusion mapping of smaller stones segment.

Shining House launches new premium diamond cut with Sarine Profile

Launched at a gala event, the new premium Shining Star diamond jewelry line, supported by Sarine's technologies, offers customers a value proposition and an enhanced experience.

Sarine Purchases DiaMining

Sarine acquires app-based point of sale technology for diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery - Sarine Connect.

Soo Kee Group adopts Sarine Profile

Soo Kee Group adopts Sarine Profile to enhance the diamond buying experience.

Sarine Technologies Inaugurates 'Sarin House' in Surat, India™

Sarine has opened its brand new facility in Surat, India, consolidating all of the group's Surat-based activities for the Indian diamond market under one roof.

Aurora Group Adopts Sarine's Light Performance Report

Sarine Profile continues global expansion with its first entry into the Thai market. Aurora Group becomes the first customer in Thailand to adopt Sarine’s light performance report.

Cooperation Between Sarine and GGTL

Sarine and GGTL laboratories cooperate to take gemmological grading technology to the next level.

K-Uno Adopts Sarine Profile

K-Uno becomes the first jewellery retailer in Japan to adopt full Sarine Profile paradigm.

Love & Co. Adopts Sarine Profile

Love & Co. adopts Sarine Profile digital diamond report for its Lovemarque diamond collection in China.

Sarine Launches Galaxy Meteorite

Sarine Technologies launches Meteorite System for inclusion mapping of small stone segments.

Sarine Opens its Second Lab in Mumbai

Sarine announces the opening of the second Sarine Technology Laboratory.

Sarine Opens its First Lab

Sarine announces opening of Sarine technology (gemmological) laboratory.

Dominion Diamond Adopts Sarine Diamond Journey

Dominion Diamond adopts Sarine Diamond Journey for enhanced tracking/visualization of CanadaMark diamonds.

Sarine Showcases Warren Baffet's Signature Diamonds

Sarine Profile selected to showcase Mr. Warren Buffett's signature diamonds at Borsheims Flagship Store At Berkshire Hathaway's 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting.