Sarine Light™ Reports


The Sarine Light™ Performance Reports allow you to certify and brand your diamonds, based on the patented* Sarine Light™ measuring and grading standard. The reports are available in printed and digital media versions. They are based on four individual Light Performance parameters (Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry) and result in an overall Light Performance grade. The Sarine Light Performance grading standard is a consumer oriented grading scale based on scientific research allowing you to present the diamond’s grade with various levels of detailed information.

By providing Sarine’s Light Performance reports with your diamonds, you add value to your diamonds, differentiate yourself and inspire confidence in your customers obtaining a competitive advantage and increasing brand recognition. The reports can include third-party 4C’s grading information. The digital report includes the option for your customer to append a personal message for the diamond’s intended recipient. The digital report can be shared on social media platforms, in vogue with current trends.

Key Benefits

  • Unique grading based on actual measured Light Performance parameters
  • Issued and verified by internationally recognized industry leader Sarine
  • Security features to ensure confidence in validity
  • Report may be viewed online anytime and anywhere on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Customized printed and digital media report templates to support your brand image
  • Digital reports may be personalized and shared on social media

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