Galaxy® Ultra


SARINE Galaxy® Ultra系统分辨率高达微米级,可检测的钻石净度等级达I3级。

Key Benefits

  • Sensitive to various types of inclusions whether transparent or black - piques, cracks (“gletzes”), bubbles, clouds, etc.
  • Detects inclusions down to single micron resolution - virtually up to IF classification
  • Scans most diamonds including, frosted and even slightly coated, regardless of level of impurities
  • Scans diamonds up to ~ 20.00ct
  • Generates an easily understandable 3D model of the rough diamond with inclusions clearly mapped
  • Productivity dictated by designated area of stone selected for high-res inspection
  • Fully integrated with Sarine’s Advisor platform: Precise high resolution (virtual IF) rough planning based on internal features without any human errors
  • Advanced optimization of polished diamonds taking into consideration all relevant information – Carat, Clarity (virtually up to IF level) and Cut Includes Stone Management System to efficiently control the entire process

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    H - Up to 14 mm
    W - Up to 12.5 mm
  • Productivity
    ~20 stones per day (Depending on stone size) in Ultra mode, 4 stones per hour in Galaxy mode
  • Detection Ability
    VVS to I3
  • Electrical Inputs
    220V, 5A, 50 Hertz
  • Power Consumption
    1.0 kW/h
  • Dimensions
    L: 1.15m (3'9"); w:0.75m (2'6"); H: 1.65m (5'5") not including the PC&LCD stand
  • Weight
    ~400kg (881 Ibs)

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