Sarine Advisor®是全球应用最广泛的毛坯钻石设计软件。

Key Benefits

  • Fully and exclusively integrated with Galaxy inclusion scanning and mapping systems family
  • Takes inclusions into account to automatically determine polished stone's predicted Clarity, increasing planning effectiveness and leading to profits
  • Powerful algorithms used to calculate millions of options to determine optimal yield for both round and fancy shapes, taking into account user-parameterized preferences for different shapes, proportions, symmetry and Clarity levels
  • Supports both perfect symmetry and asymmetric planning options, allowing planner to tradeoff Cut grade symmetry against Carat weight and/or Clarity
  • Integral diamond calculator enables examination and determination of different cut proportions
  • Supports planning of manufacturer proprietary polished shapes
  • Accelerate the planning process and reduce costs by simultaneously planning numerous complex stones on standalone stations
  • Embedded generic or factory-proprietary price list for maximizing returns
  • Fully integrated with Sarine's Quazer® laser sawing system, allowing planning supporting various sawing methods including traditional, pie-cut and complicated 3D sawing
  • Utilizing the Strategist® setup station further improves communication between the planner and the laser sawing department, reducing human errors and optimizing throughput
  • Connects to selected laser bruting machines facilitating error-free transfer of bruting data
  • Ability to view, print and mark accurate manufacturing instructions on rough diamond, ensuring a perfect plan execution
  • User-friendly report editor enables customized design of reports and labels

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